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High Paying Ad Networks

Give below are the highest paid Ad Networks
1. Media Net

Exclusive access to YahooLargest contextual Ad NetworksProvides several Ad StylesMain Ad style is content Ad.Search TargetingProvides mobile adsBest when compared to Adsense. 2. Adsterra Fastest growing premium Ad NetworkFor Web and MobileAds with standard banner, sliders and direct linksPayments by weekly via major payment systems. 3. Chitika 3,50,000 publishersPartners include Yahoo, Supermedia etcPayments by PayPal with a minimum of $10.

How to convert your blog into an App?

Let me tell some of the ways in which you can convert your blog into an android application In anybrowser, open Appgazer which can be opened in a mobile phone. Create the app within the mobile web interface. You can also use this to convert videos into applicationEnter the website (URL) in the command box provided.Make sure that you enter the complete URL including whatever is present after .comEnter the blog name.Make sure that you use unique name. Choose the appropriate icon. Add description Follow the procedures mentioned. It's easy. Download the apk file. You can also preview the app within the webinterface.The conversion time is about 5 to 10 minutes.Install the app and open it in the mobile phone
Publish it in any platform. ENJOY!

You can also use websites like aswell. Its better to adopt a material design as it is mainly adopted in most of the android apps. There are lot of customizable options in this website. Here a link will be sent to your mail from the websit…

Top 5 Mobile Ad Networks

These are some of the best Ad Networks based on expert reviews.

1. Appodeal
2. Moppub
3. Appnext
4. Chartboost
5. Admob
I hope it will give an idea about the best AdNetworks available.Factors that influence the selection include, RPM, CTR, Fillrate, Revenue, Payout, etc. Some of the other notable Ad networks are InMobi, AppFlood, Airpush and Flurry. Please tell us your opinion and your recommendations.

Building Materials

Let's talk about RUBBLE MASONRY
Rubble masonry is adopted when the soil is poor and soft.
1. First, a wide trench is made and the bottom is concreted.
2. In random rubble masonry, uneven and undressed stones of varying sizes are generally preferred for better stability . Rubble masonry is mainly used for the shallow foundation. It can also be extended to a wall. In some cases, it can also be a retaining wall.

The depth of the foundation generally depends on the load-bearing capacity of the soil. Depending upon the nature of soil various other techniques that can improve foundation stability are implemented along with the same. The size commonly taken is  45 cm of width and 100 to 120cm depth with ratio of 1:10 cement mortar or mud mortar
The voids/gaps should be filled with smaller stones for proper bonding and for better stability
The cornerstones must be aligned and packed properly. We need skilled masons in making a good rubble masonry. Unclean rubble masonry is easily iden…

Archirectural Design - Centre for Paraplegic Rehabilitation - Walkthrough

Centre for Paraplegic Rehabilitation - A Dream for differently Abled


We know that there are lot of people living with a wide array of disabilities and chronic health conditions than ever before. This project is to promote the need for universal design which will design products, environments and communication that can be usable by all people.

Illustration for Peace and Universal Design (Central Iconic Structure)
Our thought was to make the central iconic structure to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is considered as a the heart of the site connecting all other zones.

We tried to make the shape  resemble the concept of 'unity in diversity' improvised with the tricolor lighting inspired from the national flag showing the integrity of our nation in promoting peace.

The Centre is a dream for the differently-abled persons with the introduction of virtual reality which will create an interface to  interact with anyone in this world.

Presentation on Sustainable Practices at COSTFORD

Today I'm sharing about what I've learned from COSTFORD as an Architect Intern.  Sustainable Design Practices at Costford
1.COSTFORD’s role in promoting sustainability 2.Architect Laurie Backer’s approach 3.COSTFORD’s architectural approach 4.Different construction techniques adopted a)Rubble Masonry b)Brick Wall a)What is a brick? b)Brick Bonds- Flemish Bond, Rat trap bond c)Brick Jalli d)Bottle lighting e)Filler Slab f)Mud Building a)Adobe Walls b)COB Walls c)Mud Plaster g)Bamboo beam & bamboo slab h)Roofing: Casuarina roofing i)Flooring 5.

Brick Bond


Sustainable Practices at Costford


Transfer files from FB to OneDrive - for a particular region - South India

How to transfer files from FB public post  to OneDrive without downloading.
If a new photo from FB is posted from South India Region (area), then add file from URL to OneDrive