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Vernacular SEA (South East Asia) - Major Elements and Technology

This post will give you an overview of the major elements and component considered in the study of vernacular architecture. Some of the parameters are listed below and the same are considered for reviewing indigenous responsive and resilient architectural features in the upcoming posts; (Review 1 - Tongkonan). 

Materials - Use of locally available materials Well adapted to local environment Joining, pegging, wedging/binding and mortising most significant in roof construction The superstructure mainly consists of prefabricated screens attached to structural components. Post/Columns are used as load bearing components.
Wall - Not a priority instead screens are used. Non load bearing walls Wood - Hardwood (Teak, Cengal) is used. Bamboo is also used for temporary buildings Roofing - Palm leaf and grass thatching Foundation - Raised platform. Varies across region; Some are built directly on ground. Low pile foundations are used in west Java. Raised floor is effectively used in Thailand.