iLeads - Integrated Learning Environment in an Architectural Design Studio and Interactive Media Design Lab (IMDL)

An initiative from team ids exclusively for architecture students. The program is to assess the performance of students in their academic design studio and interactive media design lab  for an integrated and holistic learning. We will be updating on the program and the iLeads leadership program in the upcoming posts.  This program is at its amateur level now; we are working as a team to improvise this program. A brief overview of the program and assessment criteria is given below.

Assignment Stage 
Exercise on specific tasks that are holistic in nature are given to students.

Participation and Involvement Program
iLeads Student Design Leadership Titles: Students are honoured with titles and tags for their performance and contribution which is considered as the two major categories. And the titles are given on the basis of the interdisciplinary nature of subjects.

Assessment modes
Credits‎ with feedback from expert panel
‎Participation and Involvement Program
Panel Review

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