Why architects should learn to code?

Why architects should learn to code?

We know that we have to be contented with numerous topics besides computer science and it is also necessary for us to expertise those subjects that drives our real projects. It's true that an architect cannot expertise in all the domains related to an architectural project; like the whole list of design process, planning, managerial skills, administrative skills, project management, the business side of architecture, building rules, codes and list goes on.... Along with this never ending list of topics, do we need to learn programming? Then, why is the need for a computer programmer? If you look into the current scenario, the design tools are not considered as a tool for assistance, it is not driven by the architect, instead, the architect is driven by these tools making him to familiarize and use its limited functionalities hindering the designer to cognitively reason and to critically think; In short, the design solutions are not the actual solutions but an output produced by familiarizing the tools. Coding gives the designer an opportunity to practically apply logic through algorithms allowing the designer to customize and make iterations to the available tools. So, we also have to think about tools that are iterative in nature. I won't say that everyone should learn to code but learning allows an architect to produce rational and meaningful solutions. Also, I won't say that you have to be super expert in it; at least at a level of understanding the common logical operations would be fine. Fundamentally, at its core, all programming languages are similar; it can be related to the different languages we talk - sounds different but meaning remains the same. So, choose the best language.

We welcome your suggestions and your inputs on this subject. We'd like to know more about the most effective programming language used by architects today in the design domain and software development domain. Please share your thoughts on this and we welcome criticisms if you disagree with us. Hope this helped. Thanks for visiting our blog. Have a great day!

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