This blog, first of all started by the student members of SSA (society for students of architecture) as a desire of its passionate members to explore and learn about multidisciplinary fields connected with architecture. The intention behind creating this blog is to have an online platform to discuss and share ideas through blog posts on subjects related to architecture, blogging and  technology which can become an influential factor to make ourselves grow and help our blog visitors especially students with similar academic interests. Our mission is to explore and discuss subjects that contribute to the growth of a design studio. You may expect this blog to be unstructured and informal in its content, especially in the earlier posts as it wasn't professionally made. Therefore, we kindly request our visitors to give us your valuable comments so as to improve this blog and make it better. Please feel free to give your suggestions. Thank you for visiting our website..

Our Mission
We are working as a team to document sustainable design ideas across various design fields ranging from academic design theory to contemporary design practice. Our mission is to broadcast design projects that respects vernacular wisdom and sustainability concepts. We also aim to have discussions on architectural blogging tips for which a different category will be there.

Our dream project at Design Studio iDS is to develop an integrated platform for students and professionals across various design streams to exchange ideas for holistic development of an design studio incubator. A platform for inspiration and to get inspired from the knowledge and contribution of expertised design professionals. Our blog will focus on the producing articles on design pedagogy in academia and documentation of inspirational design projects. We will try our best to update our website in the most helpful way. Please give your valuable suggestions to improve this platform. Your contribution will decide the growth of this website. We are currently hosting our website in a free domain now and once this platform matures and gain momentum we will definitely look for improving our facilities for helping our visitors.

Thanks for visiting our website and check back often for latest updates. Stay connected with us! 

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